Checking it out with an ‘Awesome Bar’:Firefox 3

   Here’s a tool  Firefox3 ,that was launched on Tuesday June 17, should help you check it out  more easily. Why’s that you ask. Well, its a speedy  animal  with one-click bookmarking with  a great zoom in and out facility  which is what you want from your internet browser but that’s not all. What else would you put on your wish list?  I certainly would like help to revisit sites  when I have forgotten the address.

The ‘Awesome Bar’ helps you do just that by matching the words in your search entry with words from the websites that you have visited before. I guess the usefulness of this facility will improve over time as will its accuracy when a better picture is built of where you go to check it out!

Awesome Firefox

Firefox in space?

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One Comment on “Checking it out with an ‘Awesome Bar’:Firefox 3”

  1. […] your Awesome Bar learns your browsing habits well enough, this little hack will save you time by giving you better use of the embedded search […]

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